Islamic State (ISIS): Pope Assassination Imminent, Iraq Ambassador To Vatican Warns

"Islam is the religion of peace."

Dear Liberal: here’s some tolerance for ya

Rotherham Child-sex Victim Confronts Muslim Abuser, Gets Arrested for Racism | FrontPage Magazine

Welcome to England!

New jihadist group established in Denmark - The Local

Result of multiculturalism and tolerance in Europe: brewing terrorism in your own back yard

Somehow this makes sense to the college liberal, activist mind

Somehow this makes sense to the college liberal, activist mind

LIVERPOOL: Muslim leaders have defended their decision to auction a flag associated with the Islamic State to raise funds for a mosque.

Liberal Logic:

Someone is wearing a Christian Cross? That’s so offensive! Auctioning off a flag of a terrorist organization to build a mosque = totally fine.

Sep 9

Returning jihadists pose a threat to Germany | Germany | DW.DE | 08.08.2014

Tolerance and multiculturalism in Germany.

Sep 8

British women join ISIS police force responsible for punishing Muslims who break strict sharia law

England: stop your multicultural “tolerant” bs ideology - you’re producing radicals in the heart of Europe!

Sep 7

Woman beheaded: 'Muslim convert' known as Fat Nick suspected of slaughtering grandmother pictured for first time

Multicultural, tolerant England - here are the results.

Dear Liberal Hippie: please, enlighten us how much more multiculturalism and tolerance we need.

Sep 7

Scottish woman who married Isis fighter 'wants to become a martyr'

Modern Western Europe: thanks to the ideology of blind tolerance, Western European societies are breeding radicalism in their own back yard.

Sep 6

Arizona statutory rape victim forced to pay child support

A 14 year old boy gets raped by a woman. She gets pregnant and now he (the victim) is forced to pay child support. Thank you feminism for providing for equal treatment.

Feminists - where is your outrage?

Sep 6

„Scharia-Polizei“ patrouilliert in Wuppertal

Islamisation of Europe:

Article in German about the appearance of Sharia Police in Germany.  In the city of Wuppertal Sharia Police is there to “to patrol and control the behavior of pedestrians in accordance with the laws of Islam.”

Sep 5

Report: Native French under Attack in Muslim Areas

Sep 4

England: Child sex abuse arrests following dawn raids

The English “tolerant, multicultural society” project is producing interesting results. Last week authorities investigated police for not reporting on rape and molestation of more than 1400 teenage girls (police didn’t want to appear “racist” so they didn’t deal with it), this week we have more findings…

Liberals: when will you give up your BS social ideologies?

Sep 2

John Langley, creator of the TV show “COPS”, intentionally shows more white criminals on the show than black ones, despite it being the opposite statistically. He still receives numerous complaints for portraying African Americans badly.

Welcome to the world of political correctness.